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Corsair Trimaran Racing and Cruising

P1020328The sailboat racing culture in San Diego is world-reknowned, and continues to evolve to include more multihull-friendly racing events. West Coast Multihulls and a number of Corsair trimaran owners have been working hard behind the scenes to develop racing opportunities and enthusiasm for these new events.

WCM comes by this Corsair interest naturally, as Kurt Jerman was both Sales Manager and General Manager for Corsair Marine when the company was building boats just down the road in Chula Vista. There’s probably not another person in the US who knows more about these boats, inside and out, and how much fun they are to get out on the water in a fresh breeze.

But it’s not all about racing, either. Corsairs are great boats to cruise, and simply daysail for the pleasure of speed and friendship. West Coast Multihulls wants all Corsair owners to feel part of a growing group of sailors finding ways to get out and have fun on their boats. This page will become a hub for these events, including photo galleries and videos from participants. Feel free to send shots to us, or post them to our facebook page.

Below is racing class information for all Corsair models, as well as correction docs and other things you will need to get set up to race. Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you on the water!

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Boat Type Description Rating
F-24MKI Conforms to F-24MKI Class Rules 99
Corsair 24MKII Conforms to F-24MKII Class Rules 84
Corsair 750 CLASS Conforms to Sprint MKI, Sprint MKII, Dash 750 Class Rules 33
F-27 Stock Conforms to F-27 Class Rules 60
F-27 Formula Conforms to Formula 27 Class Rules 48
Corsair 28 Conforms to Corsair 28 Class Rules 30
Corsair 28R Conforms to Corsair 28R Class Rules 21
Corsair 31 Original Has standard inboard cassette rudder and fixed 40′ mast with pinhead main 6
Corsair 31 UC and Cruiser A standard Corsair 31 interior with enclosed head, factory molded galley with sink, stove and fullinterior fabric liner, aluminum mast, stainless steel rigging -21
Corsair 31R Has an outboard rudder and rotating mast -30


Corsair Race Documents (PDFs)

2012 Corsair Nationals Rating Certificate Application

2012 Corsair Nationals Hull Declaration

2012 Corsair Nationals Sail Plan Declaration

Corsair 750 Class Rules

Corsair 24 MKII Class Rules

Corsair F-27 Class Rules

Corsair 28 Class Rules

Corsair 31 Class Rules


For more information on Corsair events, boats and the company itself, check out their news feed.